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About SociaBuzz

SociaBuzz is an Influencer Marketing Platform. We connect advertisers (brands, agencies, businesses) with thousands of Twitter Influencers to create buzz, awareness, interest, desire and action for their brands or businesses.

2,965 Influencers 203,482,436 Impressions


Promote your brand or business to the right target audience by partnering with our Twitter Influencers to create BUZZ and ENGAGEMENT.

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Monetize your influence on Twitter by promoting our advertisers brands or businesses to your followers.

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4 Reasons to Use SociaBuzz


Lots of Influencers

Choose the right Influencers to promote your business.


Easy & Fast

You can do it it yourself easily and quickly.



People trust people, they don't really trust advertisements anymore.


We Can Help

Want us to do it for you? Just contact us and say hello.

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What You Can Do With SociaBuzz

Create Buzz

Create buzz and conversations about your brand or business in social media.

Increase Awareness

Increase awareness of your brand or business by promoting it to millions of people using our Influencers.

Increase Traffic

Increase traffic to websites, mobile apps, offline/online events, by promoting it to the right audience.

Drive Leads & Sales

Drive leads and sales for your brand or business by using our Influencers opinion and influence.

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What They Say About Us

Previously, everytime I want to do a promotion on Twitter by using Buzzers, I had to contact them one by one. It was so time consuming. But ever since I used SociaBuzz, doing a promotion on Twitter becomes so easy, safe and quick. SociaBuzz is suitable for everyone, from business owners, agencies, or even individuals who want to do a promotion and create buzz on Twitter.
Albert, Digital Marketing at Orang Tua Group (FMCG Company)
By using SociaBuzz I can find lots of Buzzers outside of my circle and this is very useful in creating viral campaigns. Basically SociaBuzz saves me so much time and effort. And also thumbs up for their customer service that can be reached anytime, quick to respond and can solve a problem in a short time. Thank you SociaBuzz :)
Astri Kunto, Social Media Specialist at IDEA IMAJI (Digital Communication Agency)

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is SociaBuzz?
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For Influencers

What is SociaBuzz?
How to join as an Influencer in SociaBuzz?
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